Getting Involved

Our travelers receive hands-on experience and get to meet the family that they build a home for. They are immersed in the amazing culture of the Dominican Republic and get to be part of a life-changing experience, from the ground up. The memories that you will make and the friendships that you will develop will stay with you forever!

Typical Week

interior-img-02Day 1 – Participants arrive at the Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic prior to 3pm where they will meet our D.R.H.O.P.E representatives and embark on a 3-hour drive through the mountains to Rancho Arriba. Once there, they will enjoy some dinner and get settled in for the week.

Days 2&3 – The group is introduced to the family that will be receiving the house they are building, become acquainted with their worksite and the on-site safety guidelines, and begin work on the home. We have a contractor and several paid D.R.H.O.P.E representatives on site at all times, who direct and supervise the participants. After the day’s work is complete, participants are able to take showers and relax in the late afternoon until dinner is ready at 6pm. Each night after dinner, they have the opportunity to partake in social time with local children within our supervised compound. Additionally, participants may host a nightly reflection about their daily experiences, gather to play cards, read, etc., or call it a day.

Day 4 – Participants will have the opportunity to attend a Catholic mass (whether they are practicing Catholics or view this as a cultural experience) or sleep in and relax until brunch. Afternoon free time is very flexible and may include activities such as a guided hike, a community sports game or a project in the local community.

Day 5 – Participants will complete half a day of work (morning or afternoon – varies by group and progress made thusfar), and the other half of the day will be used to hand out donations within the community.

Day 6 – Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a day trip. Day trips can include touring a local coffee plantation, going for a swim, or distributing donations in other villages. Prior to bed, participants will be completely packed for the next day of travel.

Day 7 – The group will depart the compound in Rancho Arriba between 6am and 8am depending on their specific flight schedule.

Schedule is subject to change based on cirumstance, such as weather permitting.

Associated Costs

The total cost of this trip is $1950 CDN and this includes your airfare from Toronto to Santo Domingo, food for the week, accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport and day trips. Medical insurance is not included in this price. We require a $500 deposit upon booking.

Available Dates

January 21-28
February 18-25
March 11-18
April 1-8

Other dates may be available upon request.


interior-img-01Have a group that wants to embark on this amazing journey?

We are happy to accommodate groups!
Each independent group must have a designated group leader. As a group leader you will book an available week, recruit participants to fulfill group size requirements (7-15people), and be the representative for your group while in the Dominican Republic. If participants are under the age of 18, you are required to have one chaperone (not provided by D.R.H.O.P.E.). A chaperone must be at least 25 years of age and should have prior experience working with youth in such capacities. Once a group has been formed, they must meet with a D.R.H.O.P.E representative.


Please contact to book your group. It is recommended that group leaders contact D.R.H.O.P.E. 4-6 months prior to desired departure date. In special circumstances where a shorter timeline is required, we may be able to accommodate your group.

Thank you for your interest! We hope that you will embark on this life-changing journey and help make a difference!

Traveler Payments

To make your deposit or pay your remaining costs, please click here: