A Recap of January…

D.R. H.O.P.E. has been actively working within the community of Rancho Arriba and Arroyo Blanco for the past month and we are excited to provide a summary of the work that has been completed and is in progress.

Both the On-Site Coordinator and Assistant On-Site Coordinator are overseeing the construction of a Roman Catholic Church and the construction of houses, as well as other components of this project, such as preparing for our participant groups that will be arriving shortly. We are in a unique situation this year as we are constructing the Roman Catholic Church and houses on a piece of land purchased by D.R. H.O.P.E. with the vision of creating a community atmosphere. The intention of the purchase of this piece of land by D.R. H.O.P.E. was to ensure that families who do not own land, yet qualify to receive homes, are included in our vision of building thriving, sustainable communities.

We are pleased to report that the construction of our first house has been completed and is awaiting the finishing touches: plastering and painting, prior to the family moving in. Further, the construction of the Roman Catholic Church is in the final stages, as well. The foundation has been dug and cement has been poured, the blocks have been laid and the roof is in the beginning stages of constructing. Once the roof has been completed, plastering will commence, as will the process of laying the floor, and thereafter, the doors, windows and painting will occur. We anticipate the completion of the Church to occur within the next four weeks. Finally, D.R. H.O.P.E. is blessed to work with fantastic volunteers that allow this process to occur in a very efficient manner, and as a result, another house will commence this week (Feb 16th – 20th).

We are excited to report that we are very busy preparing for a participant group arriving in early March, as well a visit from the D.R. H.O.P.E. committee in March. Our preparation includes travel arrangements, ensuring all building materials arrive promptly, volunteers are available and the family is selected. Every aspect of our program is very important to ensure the smooth delivery of the project.

Lastly, D.R. H.O.P.E. is currently working on behind the scenes projects that we look forward to sharing with you in the very near future. Please stay tuned, as we are forever grateful for your interest in our project. We are very thankful to the participants who believe in, and align with our vision to make this project possible.

For further information, inquiries or comments, please contact the committee at hopedominicanrepublic@gmail.com. We welcome your feedback and would love to discuss involvement opportunities, in both Canada and the Dominican Republic.

Take Care and Stay Warm.